5 Reasons Why I Abandon My Blog for 2 Years

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A brand new beginning

Hey everyone, welcome to my NEW personal blog!! *drum roll…clap clap clap…me bowing:)*

I’ve recently migrated from another blog and made up my mind to continue on my blogging journey here. A bit of introduction. Here we go.

I used to have a lot of things to share through my blog posts until I was caught up by the social media bug back in 2009. Since then, I gradually stopped writing about life aspirations, goals, self-development activities and my last post was in Oct 2011 (it wasn’t even my own writing, i just pasted Steve Jobs’ speech there *sigh*). I got lost in mindless scrolling and over-sharing. Here’s the link to my old blog –> http://www.linsientan.blogspot.sg/.

Anyway, I’m about to kick start my new journey in self-discovery: bravely discover more about myself, hidden talents, hobbies, new skills and mindfully engage myself more to various adventure that life has to offer. Get back in touch with my thoughts and write more about what’s happening in my life: my journey in finding true passion. At 27, I’m still looking for the best combination of career or profession that suits my interest, personality and natural talent. For now, having a slash career is the best option to fulfill this need without jeopardizing my financial well-being. I hold on to my day job and indulge in my hobbies after work and during weekends.

Since my 25th birthday, I’ve made the same wishes every year. I want to live a happy balanced life by maintaining my fitness & relationship with friends/family, by staying true to myself with minimum people-pleasing attitude, by being free to do whatever I want (travel more, sleep more, laugh too much, cry too much) and then eventually by finding a suitable life-long partner to share my awesome life with:)

Now, let’s do a recap and update of the five reasons why I’ve been abandoning my blog and haven’t been writing since Oct 2011:

1) Playing volleyball and exercising to maintain my physique. I love playing volleyball so much, indoor/beach. I play them all. It’s the only sport that I keep on doing all these years, since I was just a primary 5 kid. Most of the time, I only play volleyball as recreational games, except for some competitions at high school and during university years. Other exercises include: swimming, gym and occasional yoga/pilates class.

2) Busy enjoying the outdoors: hiking, cycling, climbing, you name it.  I’ll sometimes arrange a cycling or hiking weekend activities at the park/reservoir with my friends. Was very active in organizing these outdoor activities in 2012. Have also climbed Kinabalu mountain in Aug 2012 and reached the Low’s Peak. It was the most thrilling and exhausting trip that I had so far, but it was worth it.

3) Busy traveling. Traveled to Japan in Oct 2010 (11 days) to enjoy the scenic view of early Autumn weather in Hokkaido and Tokyo (went there just five months before Tsunami hit in March 2011),  had a culinary and shopping trip to Bangkok in April 2012, visited Bali 2x for cousin’s wedding and for relaxing trip with bff in May 2011 and Jul 2012, went for back-to-back trips to Taiwan and Australia in May 2013 (19 days).

4) Finished paying all my student loan in Dec 2011 after working for 3 years and 2 months. Have been enjoying my debt-free life for 2 years now and currently still saving up for emergency and travel fund, as well as looking out for any investment opportunities around me. Gotta enjoy the current lifestyle before I put myself up for the next huge debt, mortgage loan, for when I finally decide to settle down and have my own house with my partner (it can be anywhere!! depends on  where I find that right guy:P).

5) October 2013 marked my 5th year working in company S. It’s been a very comfortable ride and it’s time for me to find new challenges inside and/or outside of the job. I’m trying out new career possibility, testing the water and learning new skill soon. Hopefully,  I can build my own slash career. Read this article from DailyWorth for more info about slash career –> here

That’s all the excuses I have for now:P

I haven’t added any story about my still-disastrous love life (yeah, one wrong guy right after another *hixhix*, updated story here! ^_^). I will be posting when I feel like opening up the old wound and then feel totally fine about it. Just focus on doing my own stuff right now and one day the right one will come when I least expected it.

Have a great day folks!




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