How did you spend the first 10 days of Wood Horse Year?

Finally…I found the time to write my very first post in Wood Horse year. As usual, every start of the lunar new year, I’ll be busy with these various activities:

1. Reunion with family and old school friends 


This year, I reached home right on Chinese New Year’s eve. Just in time for the yummy reunion dinner. I’ve written about the sumptuous new year dinner back in 2009, with lots of pictures of yummy food here. The next few days, I visited some of my friends’ houses and met lots of old school friends. We’ve been friends since kindergarten, primary and junior high school years. 15++ years of friendship and every year, we still have the time to gather on this special occasion. It’s totally AWESOME. Reunion with family and friends is the greatest activity that I’ll miss the most.

2. Eat, eat and eat


The second great thing about being at home for the new year is obviously the FOOD. However, due to my new “accessories” (full story here), I had to eat lesser and slower. Just imagine. I used fork and knife to cut pempek (read: traditional fish cake from my hometown) into pieces and could only eat half of my usual portion. My appetite is also cut by half. Luckily, the second week onwards, I could chew faster and eat more varieties of food.

3. Pampering myself – saloon visit for new hair color


It’s a habit. Whenever I’m at home, I’ll do my major hair-cut or hair-coloring. It’s a lot cheaper than Singapore. It’s RED brownish coffee color now. Loving it!

4. Attending weddings


Within the last week, I attended two weddings. One was my senior on Tuesday night (her love story here) and another one was my volleyball junior on Saturday night, right on the day I returned to SG.  What a busy start of the year!

5.  Outing at Sentosa – become a tourist for one day


After attending a wedding the previous night, I was out again for the whole day on Sunday. Tourist mode in Sentosa. I went to the top of Merlion (1st time), tried Segway (1st), luge and skyride (my 3rd, once is never enough!), watched 4D adventure: ride, show and game (1st), checked out the Image of Singapore (1st), went up to Tiger Sky Tower (1st), bounced away at Mega Bounce (1st and oh-so-fun!!!) and Cable Car ride (2nd). We had lunch surrounded by Japanese and Korean tourists at an overpriced restaurant. Luckily, the food was nice. The Imbiah Lookout area is less crowded nowadays because the crowd are all gathered at Waterfront Station, where the RWS, USS (have never been there, the tix is too ex) and the awesome S.E.A Aquarium are located. Anyway, while hopping the various Sentosa attractions with the DAY pass, we found this at Beach station: TIGER outlook in 2014 (or for western zodiac, click here or here)


Anyway, there are so many days in a year, every single Tiger person won’t have the same luck. Just take this with a grain of salt.

My first 10 days of WOOD HORSE year were well-spent. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly this year. Lots of luck in love, good health all year long and be blessed with abundance & prosperity. Remember that we can always hope for the best, but in the end our own conscious effort and a bit of luck, can go a long way. Let’s do our ABSOLUTE BEST!! ^_^

How did you start off this year?

How’s your luck in this WOOD HORSE year? 



*back at work…time to rest:p 


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