5 Tips to Prevent Boredom (or Becoming a Boring Person)

Nobody wants to think of themselves as a boring person, but if you do, probably you are.


Recently, upon realizing that I’ve got symptoms #7 super predictable and never spontaneous and #10 (slowly becoming) a hermit (full article here: 10 signs you are a boring person), I decided to do something to prevent boredom from settling in (when it suddenly strikes) and also to avoid becoming a boring person.

The kind of lifestyle you choose is entirely up to you. So here’s the lifestyle I choose NOW and the five useful tips to help myself (and perhaps YOU..) get out of rut.

1. Pick up different interests

I have many different interests and activities to fill up my days. Weekdays will be filled with work, and some after-work activities like: random browsing in YouTube, home karaoke/cinema/drama, hitting the gym, blogging, teaching English tuition, reading various articles and news just to keep myself updated with current trend, budget planning, and many many more. Weekends will usually be filled with volleyball game, hiking, cycling, karaoke with friends, outing to various attractions when friends or family come to visit, occasional movie night and dinner at restaurants for friends’ birthday or casual catch-up.

Life is not just about work and work and work. Having many hobbies and activities that suit my budget (outdoor activities are great, better than aimlessly wandering around shopping malls), give me opportunity to grow as a person (teaching *adding more teaching assignments soon, work in progress:)*, reading a book, blogging to reconnect with my own mind) while still keeping a healthy lifestyle (gym/swim when I feel like it, hiking, volleyball, cycling) is my best antidote to boredom. It certainly won’t make you a boring person. If you don’t like going to the club, loud music with people drinking excessive alcohol. Then DON’T! You’re not a boring person if you choose to stay at home on a Friday night and just chill in your room while reading a book. It’s your personal preference. Don’t give in to peer pressure!:)


2. Have various repeatable schedule and change-up my routine

Just to keep myself from becoming too predictable and feeling bored too frequently, I had to learn how to mix things up instead of sticking to the same routine every week. So for example: if last weekend I organized a cycling activity at East Coast Park, were out the whole day on Saturday visiting a friend, pampered myself with monthly facial treatment and spent the weekdays browsing random stuff on the net, this week, I’m back to blogging and probably just laze around during the weekend and keeping my schedule loose, will probably hit the gym in the weekend or just go out hiking somewhere or out for tea break with a friend. Not sure yet. Sometimes, I have the tendency to fill up my schedule way in advance and piling up all activities in one weekend just in order to be efficient. Purposely arrange to run errands and meet friends all in one day. Cheers to a fruitful day out!

At the end of a busy weekend, the moment I cherish the most is my own private ME time alone in my room on that Monday night and just hibernating. No schedule. No plan. Nothing. Yes folks, my weekend is usually busier than my weekdays. That’s the way it is and I’m loving it.

Disclaimer: of course if you have a certain goal in mind, like: losing weight and toning up tummy for your special day or just to shape up and impress yourself, you might want to stick to routine for months and be discipline. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Varying the type of exercise you do everyday can also prevent boredom (treadmill run 30-45 mins, rest, swim, weight lift & a bit of cardio, rest, yoga, etc etc…) *next new project for myself*


3. Go out and explore

After 2-3 months of working, staying in town, eating at the same place, getting take-aways at the same stall, doing all the normal routine and various activities around the clock, we all need an adventure out-of-town, out of the country or out of our usual pattern once in a while. Some mysteries and spontaneity are also good for our life. Just for example, this February, I had my share of break during CNY; coming April I’ll need to take on the challenge of climbing another mountain (definitely out of my comfort zone, updated story of my 2nd mountain climb here), in June is a really short break out-of-town to attend a wedding, in August another short trip just to eat to my heart’s content and many other unplanned trips. In due time, I’ll blog about these short trips once they were all accomplished. Notice that every 2-3 months, there will be something happening to spice my life up, out of the routine. So I guess, my life is not that boring after all. Who said so anyway? *blaming my twisted boring mind*

4. Learn new skills

If you’re feeling bored at work, because you have nothing to do or because you don’t feel challenged. Maybe, it’s time to look for challenges and fulfillment outside of your work. Again, life is not just about work and making money. We should all GET A LIFE that we had always imagined NOW, instead of waiting until we have the time and money to live our desired life. That time will never come. We may have high expectation for ourselves, big dreams and then do something to achieve them. Or we can just choose to live a calm life. Nothing wrong with either one. As long as you’re happy now, you know what you’re doing and is enjoying the journey, that’s all that matters.  *recently, the pace at work has picked up a little bit and I’ve been busier. So no time to feel bored:)*

So when you have that spare time after work, during an idle weekend, why not take a skill course? that certificate that you’ve always wanted to take? that hot yoga lesson that you’ve always wanted to try? that photography classes that you’ve always wanted to join? so many activities out there. I recently came across some of my juniors’ photos on their pole dancing class…looks like it really requires some dedication and hard practice to master it. I was in awe while looking at how amazing and difficult their poses are. It’s very challenging, indeed. That IS a new skill. It’s something extra to put in your life portfolio, enhance your skills, boost up your confidence and if you’re dedicated enough, it will someday become your other source of income. Who knows?

5. Expand my circle of friends and help out friends/family in need (giving advice, help people who need your expertise, sharing experience, sharing worth-reading articles, sharing job opportunities available at your workplace)

After university, it’s generally harder to meet new people. We’re usually stuck at work, seeing the same people day in and day out; hanging out with old friends that we’ve known for ages and doing the same activities every year. Realizing this since a few years ago, I started to organize more activities in which my friends can bring their friends for Saturday morning hike at MacRitchie or Sunday afternoon cycle at East Coast Park or Saturday night volleyball games. In fact, I just organized an afternoon cycle from ECP area C to Changi Beach Park last Sunday. The cycling outing this time was more relaxed than usual because of the 3-hour rental time. We cycled a little bit further than usual and saw the view off the coast of Changi Beach with people doing what I believe is called kitesurfing (picture below). After the tiring bike ride, we went on a quest for food and ended up eating at a Vietnamese restaurant (JooChiat Rd). First time eating there, yummy Pho!


So the next time you feel like rejecting your friend’s invitation for a gathering or hesitating to join that new social or hobby clubs that involve mingling with strangers, THINK AGAIN. Think of how many new people, new potential friends/partner, new connections, new food, new opportunities that you’re going to miss just because you said NO, because you’re afraid to explore and go out of your comfortable circle of friends and daily routine, you’re afraid of rejection, you have fear of being in unfamiliar places or just because you’re simply not in the mood for socializing *advice for myself too*


If you ever feel bored and uninspired, just ACKNOWLEDGE the feeling and DON’T let it settle in for too long. Get into actions and spice things up using the 5 tips above and hopefully, you’ll recover your enthusiasm and start seeing everything in new positive light:  your work, relationship, daily routine, hobbies, etc. It’s normal to temporarily feel bored in your calm life. But becoming a boring person…is NOT an option!


And as usual, below are some recommended articles that you can read to help yourself get out of rut.

Folks, get out there and live an interesting LIFE!!



*feeling bored? not anymore:)

Happy reading!! ^_^

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One thought on “5 Tips to Prevent Boredom (or Becoming a Boring Person)

  1. Hi vigirl
    LOL!! first i want to tell you that this worm in a hook is really creepy but its fine something different.
    Now I read your post and its really very helpful I agree with your point of going out to explore and I am sold out completely to this idea of yours. Thanks for sharing this post.

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