[SHARING OTHERS’ POST] Disconnect to be more connected and mindful

Disconnect to Get More Connected: Lessons from a Phone-Free Month

By Jessica Wretlind

1. I would give myself time to get lost, and enjoyed taking notice of my perhaps wayward route.

2. My friends were always there to meet me at the time we’d planned in advance.

3. I didn’t update Instagram nor Facebook for a month.

4. I started being present at events in the true sense of the word.

5. I became more spontaneous.

6. I became unreachable at times.

7. I became acutely aware when my company was dividing his/her attention between their phone and me, and I hated it.

8. I realized I wasn’t really staying in touch.


Are You Missing Out on Life While Checking Your Smartphone?

By Alex Busson

Question 1: What’s the emotion behind this decision?

Question 2: What value do I place on this present moment?

Question 3: Can my smartphone really add value to the present moment?


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