Wake Me Up Before September Ends

It’s still September. The 26th day. And it’s my dear sister’s 21st birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!! LOVE YOU ^_^.

September is the month in which there seems to be a lot of birthdays going on. Never ending celebration. (Un)fortunately, this year, I have waken up from my celebratory mood long before the month ends. Way too early compared to the last few years. My over-active mind accepted new assignment in a whim and that results in a hectic week starting from the middle of this month. It’s been nothing but working and teaching and serving as a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding and going on occasional outings with friends and entertaining some random dates/chats with various people. And suddenly today, I feel the urge to update my blog.

Just several days ago, I was contemplating on writing about the term “friend-zone” or another relationship/love-related topic. While I was doing my usual research before diving deep into the issue, I found so many articles related to this term. There are so many different perspectives that I couldn’t decide on how to write about it without being heavily influenced by those writings. So for now, I’m gonna temporarily forget about the relationship issue, go with the flow, enjoy it for what it is, not what I hope it will lead to *very important*.

Now, let’s look at the latest happenings and progress of my birthday wishes for the past one month. I talked about my three birthday wishes here.


Wish #1 ~ Stay healthy and fit


I’ve been drinking smoothies for breakfast and dinner for the past 2 months. Eating normal food for lunch and with no special restriction. I’m feeling fine most of the time and I hope to keep it this way. Managed to squeeze in some indoor or beach volleyball games every other Saturday despite my hectic schedule.

Wish #2 ~ Be happier with where I am in life: career, finance and personal development. Never stop learning and trying new stuff.


I’m mostly grateful with my current working arrangement. Using my free time after my day job to do something I like. Testing the waters before I decide on taking the leap of faith. Mustering the courage to confront my own greatest fear. Building up my personal savings to the financial goals that I’ve set. In general, just be happier and more content with what I have right now.


Wish #3 ~ When I’m happy and ready to open my heart, I wish that I could be blessed with a best-friend and lover who will accept me for who I am.


Nothing much. Just dating and looking around at this point. At least I’m putting myself out there and finally on the verge of being ready to open up my heart again. As much as I love having a relaxing me-time on a Friday night, I realized that I need to allocate more time to be active, go out there and meet more new people. It’s all about priorities, isn’t it? So, bring it on!

Anyway, I finally fulfilled my 2nd bridesmaid’s duty last week. The wedding was small but intimate. Only a handful of very close friends and relatives were invited. It was an awesome delightful day for all of us.


Well, it’s just the beginning of another awesome year ahead.

I hope I’m off to a good start with my birthday wishes.



*Here’s the speech I delivered on my friend’s (3rd) wedding celebration this month.

H and I met 10 years ago during our university days. We instantly clicked and have become best friends ever since. We would go shopping, swimming, exercising and do all kinds of activities together. The first thing that I noticed from her was her laughter. Her spontaneous laughter can really light up any room. She’s this tough funny lady who’s very cheerful and determined. Once she sets her mind into what she wants, she’ll get it. So H, being who she is, went to Paris in 2010 for her Master study and met ID there. It was a pleasant surprise. Long story short, from Paris to Singapore, they moved back here in 2012 and I finally met my bestfriend’s boyfriend. He’s this tall quirky brainy Dutchman who can always trigger a deep discussion on any topic under the sky; from politics, economics to history.  The two of them together, I think they are a very intellectual and humorous couple. H will be the serious and responsible one while ID is the one who lightens up the mood. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. I think they’re perfect for each other. So when early this year, they became engaged and H asked me to become her bridesmaid, I wasn’t surprised. I knew it was coming. Thank you for having me here. I’m truly honored.

L, ID, life is not always filled with beds of roses. Sometimes fights and arguments are inevitable. But I do hope and believe that with the respect, love, kindness and commitment you have for each other, you will be strong enough to bounce back and move forward. I wish you guys a happy married life, blessed with good health and beautiful babies. To the bride and groom……Cheers!


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