Life with braces (after 1 year)

First post of the year and it’s time to write an update of my braces journey.

Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 was the first day of my braces experience. I decided to go for the Damon method. Click here for more info. No teeth extracted.

Here’s a quick look of how my teeth used to look like.


From that day, I took a weekly photo of the amazing transformation.

Fast forward 6 months, here’s what they look like and I wrote about it here.

After half a year, my lower teeth were straighter and the three-way junction teeth had shifted to their correct positions.

The upper tooth that was up there was becoming more aligned with the rest. But the tooth next to it was slightly pushed backward because of this. I had a transparent (yellowish) rubber to bring that tooth out. It was a lot more difficult to floss that area when it was there. Thank goodness my Ortho took it off during my visit last November.


And after another 6 months, they look like this now:)

Still need more space for the lower left tooth to shift forward and align itself with the rest. I have no idea how he’s going to do it but I hope I can get this braces off in another 6 months to 1 year *fingers crossed*.

I had my latest cleaning and polishing yesterday. My dentist told me that I had to floss even more thoroughly, especially on the gaps between my molars that are fully enclosed with metal brackets. I have a few crack lines on the inner side of my lower teeth but she said they won’t crack if I stick to eating soft food: no peanuts/fish crackers/any other hard stuff.

Almost everyone whom I met recently told me that I’m slimmer (or skinnier or thinner *i don’t like these words*) now, maybe it’s because I don’t want to take too much time brushing and flossing my teeth after every meal, so I eat less and tend to choose soft non-sticky food, which are easier to chew, and hence affecting my figure and weight?

Do you see any difference here?


Left: when I arrived back in SG after 1 month in Auckland, New Zealand. Right: on a friend’s birthday dinner celebration

Anyway, as long as I feel healthy and still have the time to hit the gym or play volleyball every week, all is well. I’m getting used to this wire and the cleaning regime that comes with it.

Wish me luck with the rest of the journey!

(to be replaced with a retainer….SOON^_^)



*2015, the year of slow transformation in every aspect of my life. 加油吧! *

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