Make Three Wishes

Hi all,

It’s that time of the year again. Time to write a post to reflect on my journey so far.

Obviously, a lot of things have happened since I celebrated my birthday last year. It feels like it was just yesterday that I wrote this “my 10220th day on earth is coming”.

Birthday is a time to celebrate, relax and reminisce. For this post, I’m going to put milestone markings in each month that has passed, the five elements that I always hold dear to my heart;

health, home, love, dreams, friendships

so here we go,

Sep 2014 [dreams]


Blew these candles on the day itself. It’s a yummy durian cake from my dear sister and her boyfriend. It’s also the beginning of a year-long work and play, building up a hectic but enjoyable schedule of working, teaching, volleyball games, date nights, movie nights and everything else in between. It was the start of a slow transformation and meaningful baby steps towards a better work & life balance.


Oct – Nov 2014 [health  & dreams]

These 2 months were filled with teaching schedule and volleyball games. Beside the classroom teaching job for Indonesian language, I started accepting some private tuition jobs teaching English to Primary school kids living near my place.


Dec 2014 [home & friendships]

Organized and attended several gatherings with friends and colleagues every week. They were fun and dine activities. At the end of the month, I flew back home and celebrated the new year surrounded by my beloved parents and siblings.


Jan 2015 [home & health]

Time to face the  real deal together as a family, we burnt a hole in our pockets but it was for the greater good. Health is always number 1 in my book. Every year, I’d wish for the health of all my family members and loved ones (friends and romantic partner), and for them to be protected from any harm, be safe and  sound wherever they are.

Feb 2015 [home & love & friendships]

It was the peak of uncertain moment in my love life. We were not together yet, I’ve almost given up any hope of ever being together.  It’s been almost a year of dating with no next-level commitment. The situation inspired me to write this post and also made the decision to join my friend on her trip this September.

After an additional confusion on Valentine’s day, I went home for the annual CNY celebration, had fun, met old friends and forgot about it for a while. Several girls’ talks & heart-to-heart later, I returned to SG and determined to (somehow) solve this uncertainty. I was afraid of rejection but still hopeful.


Mar – Apr 2015 [love]

One fateful night after a usual movie date night, I decided to throw a “bait” at him and he caught it *and subsequently ate ‘it’. Hooray!*. We started talking about us, instead of some other random things. Several questions and phone calls in the next few days, we were finally together as a couple. I still remember that awkward conversation while slurping our noodles. It was one of my fondest memories from our date nights.


May 2015 [home & love]

We were going steady and got better at discussing the relationship whenever it’s needed. Treating each other with respect, showing our love in various ways (we have the same love language *yay*), being honest to each other and committed to this relationship despite our busy schedules. It’s that kind of relationship that I described in “Respect, Love, Loyalty, Commitment”.

Two months on, inspiration came and I wrote this post,

In between those dates and my busy schedule, you were always around. Hike or bike on Sunday afternoons, little gifts every time we met or after your trips abroad, movie nights spent watching animations, had fun and laugh together on dates, just you and me. There were a lot of those small things that were impossible to ignore. I obviously noticed how you treated me differently. There were “something” more than we care to admit. We were probably afraid of being “friend-zoned” by each other. In those months, we’d talk about anything under the sky, except about love and relationship, EXCEPT about us. Anyway, long story short, you and I have finally overcome that barrier. (l5t, 15 May 2015, Connecting the Dots)

In between all that new-love-fluttering-heart syndrome, I got the notification to move out from my then-room. I searched for new rooms on the web, arranged some viewings and signed a tenancy agreement within 3 days. I was super-efficient. My parents were also in town at the end of May, so I was rushing to close a deal immediately. It was a fun and busy month.

Jun 2015 [home & love & health]

Moved to new place with the help of my sister and the boyfriends. Luckily, my new place was just a few blocks away. Moving my stuff and re-arranging them were a lot easier than expected. Watched some volleyball matches during SEA Games and cycled together with friends.


Jul – Aug 2015 [home, love, dreams, friendships]

Working and teaching during weekdays; singing, dining and relaxing during weekends. Life went back to its normal pace, no hustle and bustle of finding new place or the crazy jitters of new love *though I believe in giving some surprises once in a while to spice things up* There were plenty of holidays in these two months and I spent my time dipping in and out of holiday and/or working mood; preparing for the long-awaited trip in September versus. re-arranging my teaching schedule for the rest of the year.

Anyway, as I typed this I looked back at what I wrote before and found the same wisdom as before, so I quote,

Life is too short to be spent on worries and regrets and forever going with the flow with no specific purpose in life. I believe in finding my purpose, making plans, executing them and then I’ll go with the flow after I’ve done my part. We should always strive to be a better person and choose what’s best for ourselves and our loved ones. For me, I want to live healthily and happily doing whatever I want in life with integrity. (l5t, 13 Aug 2014)

Now the difference is, I get to share my life with that special someone.

Most importantly, I know that I want to have this kind of relationship one day, with respect, love, loyalty, commitment; and put my heart on the sleeve more frequently, instead of hiding behind a huge wall. When I’ve chosen to be in a committed relationship, I’ll do the same as the 3 points above: be curious about my life (and his life too), re-arrange my priority and be a good person. Hopefully, we could also grow better as a person, walk towards a better future together, hand-in-hand (l5t, 11 Feb 2015, Is what I want the same as what I need?)


As cliché as it might sound, I just have these simple wishes on my coming birthday:

Birthday wishes (H-5)

1. Stay healthy and away from danger/harm (also applicable to my family, lover & friends)

2. Be happy (refer here: connect the dots and here: prevent boredom)

3. Live life to the fullest (refer here: do what you love)




*Babe, the first time posting our ‘wefie’ publicly. It looks awesome:)

Connecting the Dots – You, Me and Us

Hey Folks,

How are you? It’s been a month. I’m doing great, busy like a bee and as happy as a clam.

Here’s my monthly reflection and update post.

But first, let me direct you to a post I wrote in March last year, “Connecting the dots – why you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be”. In that post, I elaborated on how certain life events were connected to each other and what I’ve learned from connecting all those dots. There was one thing that was not explained yet…so here I am, finally connecting the dots in this department:)

As for my love life, I haven’t found the way to connect the dots yet. I wish I could. Anyway, life must go on and it’s up to me, whether I choose to live it to the fullest or regret all those distant events and wrong people in the past.

In 1998, we were in the same school for 6 years. You’re in the class next door and we were in the same choir team. We were young and busy with school work. Besides, back then, my taste of boys had been restricted to only those with sporty-charm-part-of-school’s-team kind. I especially had a penchant for boys who play volleyball. I started playing this sport since Primary 5, so yeah…puppy crush. This trend continued throughout my first 2 years in junior high. You and I were probably not inside each other’s radar.

wpid-d23e881e3b02f8dcfd3e125e645eee83.jpg wpid-1e6fb2a7074244f1ddca6a9b59cc23fe.jpg

From 1998 to 2001, we were classmates. Still nothing happened. Instead, I had this silly crushes on 2 volleyball seniors and then the longest one-sided crush on your best friend. You told me recently, that you knew about this back then, a long time ago. Nonetheless, I still have a very fond memory of this distant event and have even described it here, this post.

wpid-36d467023b10e493c9a51852f6da5b4c.jpg wpid-5a794cde31e1c2f384f4367f14040458.jpg wpid-11bf7eaea28ba6221cdc5139a095be3f.jpg

In 2005, 2010, 2012, 2013, I’ve had a few one-sided crushes and some suitors who came along but they didn’t come close to what we have now. Apparently, they were there to teach me some invaluable lessons on: how to respect and love myself, how to be comfortable and happy being on my own, how to be loyal and committed to my own self-improvement. I need to be happy alone before I’m able to share my happiness and love with someone else.

wpid-286d3ab97a1515aff9e6e827be12d514.jpg wpid-44a65cd958ab8269bb179927ce432dc7.jpg wpid-f96b6d0344e3c1f03f281deffff5b9ea.jpg

In 2014, we met again on that fateful day. We were in the same city for the past 4 years but we’ve not seen each other for 2-3 years. The last time we met were at a mutual friend’s wedding, a reunion dinner gathering afterwards and that’s all. We’ve never talked to one another for long. We were still normal old school friends….until not so long ago *not in friend zone…phew, what a relief*

When I met you again early last year, I was a different person. Beside having my braces fixed in January, I was also more relaxed and happier after completing that one thing that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve also set new exciting career goals for myself by then. Building a relationship was not my main priority. Of course, the thought of having someone special whom I can share my life with, would hover in my mind once in a while, but I didn’t actively looking. I’ve tried dipping my toes into the online dating world and it was an eye-opening experience. Found out a few months later that it’s not for me and have since deleted all my profiles.

In between those dates and my busy schedule, you were always around. Hike or bike on Sunday afternoons, little gifts every time we met or after your trips abroad, movie nights spent watching animations, had fun and laugh together on dates, just you and me. There were a lot of those small things that were impossible to ignore. I obviously noticed how you treated me differently. There were “something” more than we care to admit. We were probably afraid of being “friend-zoned” by each other. In those months, we’d talk about anything under the sky, except about love and relationship, EXCEPT about us. Anyway, long story short, you and I have finally overcome that barrier.

wpid-64e107d1ed2bb8dd7e4964962a197ed0.jpg wpid-783f1b1468dc4100434a38a898199c5c.jpg

I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve now and having the courage and kindness to finally commit to this. I’m new, you’re new. We’re in this together. The dots are CONNECTED. We really shouldn’t be with each other back in those school years, 16 years ago. We were still too young, lack of self-identity, lack of direction, still finding our own ways.

Now that our paths have crossed, let’s enjoy every single step, be kind and generous! ^_^




*I should change my topic next month:)*

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Is “what I want” the same as “what I need”?

Hey folks,

Fabulous February is here. Time for another post.

As we’re nearing the end of Horse Year and my 2015’s plans are beginning to shape up, let me share with you the upcoming projects that have been brewing in my over-active brain. I will share this in the form of my answers on the classic question: WANT versus NEED, including some examples of the things that I want and elaborate excuses/justifications to convince myself and finally take ACTIONS.


2015-2017 Master Plan. Had to write them down, can’t help it:)

The results of a never-ending battle in my restless mind. Here we go!!!


to live happily and peacefully everyday doing what I need to do to pay the bills, doing what I love to do after work and during weekends. While at the same time, I still have the time to relax and enjoy some me-time, be totally unproductive once in a while, e.g.: watching YouTube videos or Japanese & Korean dramas the whole night.

Do I NEED to live like this?

ABSOLUTELY YES. Perhaps for now until maybe the end of 2016.

I got really bored and felt unproductive if I just watch dramas/videos, read random articles day in and day out. My brain needs much more stimulation and I finally found it in the form of teaching:). My aim for this year is to arrange at least 3-4 times teaching session, either in classroom or private setting, weekdays night or weekend afternoon. I’ll take my own teaching assignment or replace other teacher whenever I can, as long as it fits into my schedule. I get to meet new students whenever I accept a new assignment. Good for my network expansion and my brain, 1 stone kills 2 birds.

As for the exercise I need, whenever I’m not teaching, I’ll squeeze in a gym session or Saturday morning hiking or Sunday afternoon cycling and have a weekly volleyball game with my regular buddies. Hopefully, if one day I get to be in a committed relationship with someone I like, I could still allocate 1-2 times a week to meet him. It’s all about priority and scheduling. Anyway, you’re never too busy to be with your loved one, aren’t you?

  wpid-1663cd52fa23d6d1a581ec17abb60633.jpg wpid-fa0c25b5314ba93a4a2614dc2781e68b.jpg wpid-b5236d43e50947c1f4cd3779a6284963.jpgwpid-b38962c262413c225cad7aab0ec7f9e9.jpgwpid-18873186f895c0aecbe759d9e94aedd6.jpg


to go on vacation at least once a year.

Do I NEED to have this vacation?

YES and NO.

Yes, because for me, vacation is needed to refresh my mind, get away from the routine for a while, and experience new places. You might be ‘poorer’ in the wallet after the trip but you’ll be ‘richer’ in experience afterwards. It’s about one’s own priority/mindset and choosing a lifestyle that suits you.

No, if I don’t have the resources to do so. If I didn’t set my budget to include any expensive trip, then there won’t be any traveling this year. I thought that’s the case in 2015. But I saw the light at the end of the tunnel near the end of last month. As I looked at my budget again, after clearing the expected-and-necessary expenses incurred last month and including my future recurring expenses for the rest of the year, I feel safe to include just one trip this year, 18 days, still unknown total expenses. I join a friend for this trip. She’s super excited about this one and invited me to join in the fun. So I thought about it for a few weeks and decided to postpone my other trip and joined her instead. Ticket’s booked. Hope we get to see all the beautiful sceneries in September!! Yay ^_^

wpid-c8147bb431062d52b27b56230c53ca0c.jpg wpid-e73455b50b88f37f5157ddcd34a07aed.jpg wpid-e51f08231a938f39eedb79849746278b.jpg wpid-73a0b388bb9286b81af0714097933651.jpgwpid-4e4496ac4b4dc5278b78b787e595a8f1.jpg


to teach full time and own a business related to language/travel one day. It’s so bloody hard to decide between turning my hobby into a full-fledged source of income and keeping both jobs to enjoy half the benefit of both worlds (Engineering and Education field).

but do I NEED to make this decision now?

Am I prepared for the decrease of income during the switch? lifestyle difference? change of habit? change of monthly budget? being out of my familiar zone? How long can I maintain this slash career? Do I need more free time for myself and for me to build a relationship? When can I take the leap of faith? All these questions bring me back to my earlier post about doing what you love to do as a profession.  At the end of the post, I refer to myself as the member of this group;

3. Still doing slash career (definition – having a full time day job: it pays the bills but not necessarily the thing that you want to do long-term & after work/weekends: doing what you love to do but not really a $-making venture yet) and waiting to make the switch. Meanwhile, becoming a reliable and excellent support system to everyone and live a full life. Good luck and you’re so awesome! (~ goes to myself + my future self + some other friends)

Right now, I’ve found the 3 hobbies described in one of the quotes below. They’ve made my life more meaningful and brighter. First hobby to make money: teach languages, second hobby to keep me in shape: play volleyball, third hobby to be creative: write a blog post or sing in karaoke:).

I have a road map and currently doing baby steps to make this ‘WANT’ comes true. It includes some further study and courses I want to take, some financial goals to be achieved and lots of other things. Remember the snapshot of my 2015-2017 master plan above? Yeah, I wrote them there.

Even in the end, if my life doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, I’d be pretty happy and satisfied with the current arrangement. All is well. By then, this fickle-minded brain should know how to make peace with it and just continue enjoying the ride.


wpid-f5ae9aa9f49c7976345cc0d435e3dcec.jpg wpid-26b15597578a84e4f09af5d6079472d4.jpg


to share my life with another person, to finally be in a committed relationship.

but do I really NEED one?

No. Not really. If I haven’t found the right one for me yet, I won’t settle.

In general, I’m looking for this kind of guy, someone who:

(1) knows what he wants in life or at least be curious about it. He looks for ways to improve his life, takes on new challenges and becomes wiser each time.

(2) knows how to set his priority. Sometimes, he could be the right person, but our timeline and priority in life at that period of time was so out of sync, that it won’t work anyway. Is his priority right now on his career or love/relationship?

(3) is a good person with integrity (preferably well-traveled and a non-smoker).

Everything else is negotiable. We don’t need to have the same hobbies. Sharing one/two interests is nice, but it’s not necessary. And yeah, I think that initial attraction (or sparks or chemistry or whatever you call it) when you go out on the first few dates are also important. How’s the vibe and feel that this guy is giving out when he’s around me? Is he attentive? Is he a caring person in general? Is he a curious person and someone who can hold a conversation well?

Then afterwards, I’ll ask myself these questions: Am I attracted to him? Am I feeling comfortable around him? Am I willing to follow his lead and see how it goes? How long does it take for a man to court a woman and be committed? love confession or declaration or whatever? 3 months, 6 months? Am I willing to wait? I’ll usually think about these in the back of my mind and force myself not to over-analyze his words or actions, as I believe that for the matters of heart, only time will tell. If he’s interested, he’ll show it. No confusion. No drama. If the first guy approaches and has been around for some time, maybe I’ll meet 1-2 other suitors along the way and ended up with another guy or none of them or maybe I’ll never meet anyone. Who knows?

I want a relationship, that doesn’t mean I need it to have a happy life on my own. Any relationship status you hold right now; be it single, attached, married, divorced and whatever; has its own challenges, embrace it and be happy anyway.

Most importantly, I know that I want to have this kind of relationship one day, with respect, love, loyalty, commitment; and put my heart on the sleeve more frequently, instead of hiding behind a huge wall. When I’ve chosen to be in a committed relationship, I’ll do the same as the 3 points above: be curious about my life (and his life too), re-arrange my priority and be a good person. Hopefully, we could also grow better as a person, walk towards a better future together, hand-in-hand.

wpid-4cb9512c91a5b855ad27d221dcc0bc80.jpgwpid-3199a16b21e012b6a158e9691281e7d7.jpg wpid-e3f36e9e9bb2de20b9799840d2312841.jpg wpid-9f7ce9247f1cc51c7aa3c5ee9031c2c2.jpg wpid-84fd3722e202292ae1ff321c771fa726.jpg

In the end, is “what you want” the same as “what you need”?

There’s no exact answer to this. Depends on what it is that you want and in what phase of life you are in right now.

Just remember to always ask yourself this question before indulging on what you want, “Have I covered all my basic needs?”

If the answer is a resounding YES: you’ve got food on your table, roof over your head (rental or mortgage, doesn’t matter), decent clothing, life/health insurance to protect the wealth you’ve accumulated so far and a generally happy positive attitude towards life.

If all of them are there right now, I’d say go ahead!! Plan, prioritize, take actions, GO and PAMPER yourself with what you want: the things that you’ve always wanted to experience, the places that you’ve always wanted to visit, that further education/courses that you’ve always wanted to enroll in.

Even if you can’t always have whatever you want, don’t forget to be grateful with what you already have!




Happy early Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year everyone! 

Be healthy, joyful and prosperous in the coming year!喜气洋洋!

Wearing my heart on my sleeve – good or bad idea?

Hey folks,

Right about this time last year, I wrote this love story of a dear friend, “Crossing Oceans Just to Find You“, as my last post in 2013 and before that I was making a statement and arguing with myself on  “3 reasons why I stop making new year’s resolution“. This year, I think I want to set one resolution for 2015, something that has long been overdue.

By definition, resolution is a promise you make to yourself and once you stick to it daily, it will introduce a permanent change in your life. Eventually, a new habit or lifestyle will be created. It’s different from goals. Goals are short-lived. Once you achieved them, you’ll move on to the next. Resolution is to be achieved in a longer time frame, sometimes undefined, and it’s best to keep it daily.

In 2015, I need to step out of the half-opened cage, be courageous and push that door, be more open and honest about my own feelings and emotions, be it good or bad. Wear my heart more on my sleeve, instead of keeping it tightly guarded behind a huge wall. I will have to be the one who break it down, instead of waiting around for some random anonymous guy from the unknown future.

Oh well, I’m not entirely sure if wearing my heart on my sleeve is a great idea yet, so I’ll just have to give it a shot. I’m not used to showing my emotions to everyone, only to some selected inner circle of friends whenever I feel like it. And it seldom happens. How to wear your heart on your sleeve and be authentic?

Here are the definitions of “wearing your heart on your sleeve” from around the web:

Display one’s emotions openly.

People who wear their heart on their sleeve do not hold back their emotions, for good or for bad. It is clear how they feel in each moment. Example: “She’s a shy person. She’s never been one to wear her heart on her sleeve.”

People who wear their heart on their sleeve express their emotions freely and openly, for all to see. They do not hold back their emotions, for good or for bad. They let things get to them too easily. They don’t know how to let go of negative feelings and unhappiness.

Also, pin one’s heart on one’s sleeve. Openly show one’s feelings, especially amorous ones. For example, You can’t help but see how he feels about her; he wears his heart on his sleeve. Shakespeare had it in Othello (1:1): “But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at.”

Someone who wears their heart on their sleeve shows their emotions and feelings publicly.

To make your feelings and opinions obvious to other people.

“John’s always worn his heart on his sleeve, so there’s no doubt who he’ll be supporting.”

To show your feelings, esp. your love for someone.

” You always know where John stands because he wears his heart on his sleeve.”

Cheers to another awesome year in 2015! Count down starts today, H-9 before the new year!!! Yaaaay…^_^



Another good read: overcoming fear of vulnerability.

wpid-6026a54d6b7669da99f5f9d3c5b3c6f2.jpgwpid-e03ff0db6e79bcb0fccd931e88ee950f.jpg  wpid-a7d7d93bcacaf8907fef7378ae1b80be.jpg   wpid-5570f5412754bb3a790f1d4e36a6d18d.jpgwpid-892c470e5c716f2581bbcb8065560c9c.jpg wpid-845d14a6959fbb5a5f4f1f362489f6c7.jpg wpid-dd6de3faadd0e92f2545406a54702f45.jpg wpid-23a6c92f5e0787fd45e3de5e3fa1f516.jpgwpid-9005a8827790da977fe197bf6b05d185.jpg wpid-2aeeffaa990751b23f7524740524c487.jpg wpid-58306e83a413e7c8e60d6914f2ab7949.jpg wpid-d764ae2e15141946dcdb913dbc2b4c3c.jpg wpid-f7f5503d7876a961c86f0f34d6ccdea2.jpg wpid-454bfe9f01d71b81f5101d70675a6c4d.jpg wpid-29930672749fc336b45a7d1db6b1bfef.jpg

The Curious Case of Smart Phone and Social Media Addiction

Hey All,

Are you familiar with these?

wpid-photogrid_1416718582292.jpgwpid-47fa8533868d59dff87e697150be09fe.jpg  wpid-5dfd37f24b20c65b7956b7ac8b91ac5a.jpgwpid-b43f30be3ff4e6de5d4e3db2d9913dd5.jpg

I bet you encounter these situations everyday. Everyone seems to have a smart phone nowadays and we’re so glued to it that I think it’s bordering on unhealthy addiction for some. I’m a recovering addict myself.  But well…I finally saw the light last year so this is a follow-up post on what I’ve written in 2013  To Text or Not to Text – Whatever Happened to Direct Human Connection?”. I’ve been observing the current situation in my daily life. The glaring evidence in the society right now is that we have become TOO attached to our devices. In a social gathering or meeting with friends & loved ones, we seem to pay more attention to our devices, checking unimportant emails, updating status, uploading photos and spying on other people’s lives via social media apps rather than focusing on having a great conversation with the person(s) you’re with, at that very moment. 


Thankfully, since last year, I’ve gradually decreased the amount of time I spend staring at my phone or scrolling mindlessly on my social media apps. Now, the things I do using a smart phone have been reduced to these followings:

1) Whatsapp/LINE/normal SMS to send short messages. Usually when I need to confirm meeting time and place or organize group events.

2) Social media updates to share some useful/interesting articles or videos once in a while and to promote my latest blog post. Remember, Sharing is Caring! 🙂

3) When I’m by myself: editing pictures, listening to music, checking emails, reading e-book.

4) To dial and receive phone calls (of course, the original function of a phone *duh*).

5) To read news/articles and keep myself updated on the latest happenings in the world.


So after identifying more-productive things that I can do using my phone, I went out on a mission to prevent further phone/social media addiction. In the past few months, I’ve been banishing several bad habits by:

1) Not indulging on lengthy conversation via text/chat messages – prefer doing it face-to-face (quality time)

2) Not tapping on any social media apps on my smart phone 30 minutes before or after sleep.

3) Not uploading any gathering or events or holiday photos immediately. Enjoy the moment!

4) Not checking-in or reporting my whereabouts to everyone or updating status every day.

5) Resisting the urge of taking out my phone when I’m with anyone in any setting; in a group or 1-to-1, from a restaurant to a public transportation –> but when I do take it out, it’s a cue for “please walk away, I’m not gonna have a conversation with you. I need my alone time now”

6) Cutting down the mindless scrolling or tapping on my smart phone apps/social media apps when I’m in the company of others (family, friends, colleagues)

7) Scrolling only when I’m by myself or extremely bored or have nothing better to do (idle mode). Otherwise, I’d prefer to listen to music while observing people (when on the train, yes…people-watch) or read an e-book or sleep.

8) Sharing photos privately in a group chat with relevant people. Not publicly in social medias or whatever platform available for showing off. Read this article on how people are constantly showcasing the best aspects of their life onto social media, “Why We Compare Ourselves to Others on Social Media and How to Stop”


I feel sad upon realizing that we are slowly losing our touch for creating real human connections.

I hope I’m wrong.

I hope NOT all genuine human-interaction, eye contact and warm smiles can be replaced with chat screen, “like” button and emoticons/stickers.

So folks, the next time you’re out for lunch/dinner or any kind of activity with anyone, leave your devices in the bag/pocket and do pay attention to the person(s) in front of you, not just stare at your phone the whole time.

Finding the balance? It’s an on-going journey.



enjoying my well-deserved day off, pouring my thoughts into words:)

This is a reminder and a wake-up call for myself and for you, my friends.

There are so many similar articles written on this topic, these are my favorite ones:

1) A love letter from my phone by Jason Smith (Thought Catalog)

2) Smart Phones – Dumb People — >a video

Throwback November

Hey there, it’s been a while since I last wrote a post here. Just feeling nostalgic now, particularly this November, hence the title “Throwback November”. Right about this time last year, I still remember vividly, how excited I was, preparing for my departure to do the CELTA at Auckland, New Zealand. It was an exciting, meaningful, freeing month for me. See the full post on how I decided to take the course, here and my experience, here. Fast forward 1 year later, up to TODAY, here are what happened afterwards:

1) Decided to pursue a part-time gig that’s more of my cup of tea, instead of property and other stuff I’ve got going on since 2009. So $$ factor is not the most important consideration anymore. I could trade my time and knowledge with a decent amount of $ (not tonnes of money, just decent) as long as I enjoy doing it.

2) As early as December last year, beside being busy going for my orthodontist appointment and started my braces journey (click here and here for stories and some ugly braces pictures;p), I applied for part-time classroom language teaching jobs.

3) Ended up with a 1-month in-house teacher training with one of the well-established language schools here. I submitted my application in hope that I could get a part-time English and/or Indonesian teaching job. That was in March.

4) One full month training and one class observation later, I got the job. Yay! Knew about it right after my ultimate adventure trip this year, click here for details of the adventure. After the trip, I was focusing more on building up my teaching experience. I just want to teach languages. And the cool thing is, I can attend other language lessons for free, as long as it doesn’t clash with my own teaching schedule.

5) And guess what, (un)fortunately, they’re more in need of an Indonesian teacher than a part-time English teacher.  I’m a native speaker of Indonesian and wasn’t ready to let go of my full time job yet. So twist and turn, somehow, I ended up teaching Bahasa Indonesia in a classroom. They asked me if I would be keen to switch to full time as an English and Indonesian language teacher after some time. That’s an option in the future. I’m seriously considering this. For now, the current arrangement is the best that I can get from both worlds (my full time to pay the bill, part-time as a hobby, for fun and keeping my brain active; beside that I found that playing volleyball regularly also makes me a happier person. Nothing beats a good afternoon sweat and release of endorphin after a great game)

So after 4 classes of module 1 for beginners, 1 private student and currently teaching a class of module 2 beginners, I found myself enjoying it so much. My brain is constantly challenged. I got to know some grammar points of my own native language that I didn’t even know how to explain to my students at first. I guess, because I grew up speaking it, just like the English native speakers I met during CELTA, the sentences come out so naturally that we don’t even think in terms of structure and grammar points. We just use the language. Apparently, it’s always the same problem for natives who teach their own language to other speakers, GRAMMAR problem. Students need those structures when learning a new language at the beginning and then they can practice speaking in a more natural way when the basic knowledge is acquired.

I start to appreciate Bahasa Indonesia even more now. I think it’s time for the language to shine and for us, native speakers, to speak better Bahasa Indonesia and be proud of it. I appreciate how flexible the language is and how the formal and conversational Bahasa Indonesia can be very different. It’s challenging to teach it…but it’s FUN at the same time. I never know that there are quite a number of Westerners (the Bules) and locals here who are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia. It’s fascinating!!

Now, I’m finding my way to brush up my Mandarin and English to native level (all skills: writing, speaking, reading, listening) so that one day, I could teach them too, be amazed by how much my students have improved over time and hopefully, have my own language center/school one day!!

Okay, enough daydreaming…one project at a time. Slow down, wake up and let’s float back from Wonderland, shall we?

With love,


–  no urge to share my life lately, mentally occupied by lesson plans, physically occupied by weekly volleyball game and some outings here and there. At least 1 blog post a month will do:) Keep it rolling girl! 


The whole shelf of Indonesian language textbooks that I found in Kinokuniya. When looking for inspiration, I’ll go there and browse the books. I’ve been recommending these books to management and hopefully they’re in the library soon!

PS: Kayaknya aku harus post pake Bahasa Indonesia deh dalam waktu dekat ini. Bakal ngerasa aneh gak ya, nulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia? Mending formal atau pake bahasa gaul ya? heemmm…ejaannya aja dah gak bener nih!!

Wake Me Up Before September Ends

It’s still September. The 26th day. And it’s my dear sister’s 21st birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!! LOVE YOU ^_^.

September is the month in which there seems to be a lot of birthdays going on. Never ending celebration. (Un)fortunately, this year, I have waken up from my celebratory mood long before the month ends. Way too early compared to the last few years. My over-active mind accepted new assignment in a whim and that results in a hectic week starting from the middle of this month. It’s been nothing but working and teaching and serving as a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding and going on occasional outings with friends and entertaining some random dates/chats with various people. And suddenly today, I feel the urge to update my blog.

Just several days ago, I was contemplating on writing about the term “friend-zone” or another relationship/love-related topic. While I was doing my usual research before diving deep into the issue, I found so many articles related to this term. There are so many different perspectives that I couldn’t decide on how to write about it without being heavily influenced by those writings. So for now, I’m gonna temporarily forget about the relationship issue, go with the flow, enjoy it for what it is, not what I hope it will lead to *very important*.

Now, let’s look at the latest happenings and progress of my birthday wishes for the past one month. I talked about my three birthday wishes here.


Wish #1 ~ Stay healthy and fit


I’ve been drinking smoothies for breakfast and dinner for the past 2 months. Eating normal food for lunch and with no special restriction. I’m feeling fine most of the time and I hope to keep it this way. Managed to squeeze in some indoor or beach volleyball games every other Saturday despite my hectic schedule.

Wish #2 ~ Be happier with where I am in life: career, finance and personal development. Never stop learning and trying new stuff.


I’m mostly grateful with my current working arrangement. Using my free time after my day job to do something I like. Testing the waters before I decide on taking the leap of faith. Mustering the courage to confront my own greatest fear. Building up my personal savings to the financial goals that I’ve set. In general, just be happier and more content with what I have right now.


Wish #3 ~ When I’m happy and ready to open my heart, I wish that I could be blessed with a best-friend and lover who will accept me for who I am.


Nothing much. Just dating and looking around at this point. At least I’m putting myself out there and finally on the verge of being ready to open up my heart again. As much as I love having a relaxing me-time on a Friday night, I realized that I need to allocate more time to be active, go out there and meet more new people. It’s all about priorities, isn’t it? So, bring it on!

Anyway, I finally fulfilled my 2nd bridesmaid’s duty last week. The wedding was small but intimate. Only a handful of very close friends and relatives were invited. It was an awesome delightful day for all of us.


Well, it’s just the beginning of another awesome year ahead.

I hope I’m off to a good start with my birthday wishes.



*Here’s the speech I delivered on my friend’s (3rd) wedding celebration this month.

H and I met 10 years ago during our university days. We instantly clicked and have become best friends ever since. We would go shopping, swimming, exercising and do all kinds of activities together. The first thing that I noticed from her was her laughter. Her spontaneous laughter can really light up any room. She’s this tough funny lady who’s very cheerful and determined. Once she sets her mind into what she wants, she’ll get it. So H, being who she is, went to Paris in 2010 for her Master study and met ID there. It was a pleasant surprise. Long story short, from Paris to Singapore, they moved back here in 2012 and I finally met my bestfriend’s boyfriend. He’s this tall quirky brainy Dutchman who can always trigger a deep discussion on any topic under the sky; from politics, economics to history.  The two of them together, I think they are a very intellectual and humorous couple. H will be the serious and responsible one while ID is the one who lightens up the mood. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. I think they’re perfect for each other. So when early this year, they became engaged and H asked me to become her bridesmaid, I wasn’t surprised. I knew it was coming. Thank you for having me here. I’m truly honored.

L, ID, life is not always filled with beds of roses. Sometimes fights and arguments are inevitable. But I do hope and believe that with the respect, love, kindness and commitment you have for each other, you will be strong enough to bounce back and move forward. I wish you guys a happy married life, blessed with good health and beautiful babies. To the bride and groom……Cheers!