Where is home?

Unlike a concrete house that you live in, it’s a lot harder to define a “home”.

This post is my first attempt to define it, but I was still very confused then.

Now, after the long wait and reflection, here’s my second take.

When I was just a little girl…

Home is where my parents live, where I spent my wonderful childhood filled with comic books, video games, language lessons and lots of books. The good old days.

When I was in my high school years…

Home is (still) where my parents live, with all those years of awkward teenager’s crushes, overwhelming hormonal imbalance filled with zits, self-esteem issues and weird fashion sense. The not-so-good nerdy days.

When I was in my university years, in a new country, all by myself…

Home is a whole new world in this clean and orderly city with new friends from different cities and backgrounds. It’s filled with activities: sports, organizations, lectures, tutorials, industrial attachment, summer study in France, endless assignments and projects, failed one-sided crushes. It’s a journey of self-discovery. Nevertheless, home is still inside this pretty safe bubble, University Life. The great old days.

When I was out of the education system and into the jungle working world….

Home is where I earn my income. It’s also where my exhausted body and mind were recharged every single night. No matter where it is *I’ve moved to 3 different houses in the past 7 years*, home is where I’m surrounded by the books I love and having the unlimited access to my laptop and internet. The awesome years.

When I’m single, unmarried or not in a relationship with anyone yet…

Home is when I’m in a volleyball court or the gym or the park; sweating my ass off playing volleyball with my buddies or running on treadmill or cycling non-stop for 3 hours. Home is when I’m in other countries for vacation with friends; climbing mountains, tasting some local food, taking thousands of pictures. Home is when I’m abroad, in yet another foreign country, all by myself, just to complete a course that I’ve always wanted to do.  The wonderful years.

When I’m attached or married and maybe have my own family one day…

Probably, home will have a very simple definition.

I think HOME is gonna be just…WHEREVER I’M WITH YOU :):)




*I don’t know what got into me, I keep on writing these cheesy lines…oh my…